Naresh Jain’s initiatives encompass a range of endeavors, including startups, conferences, communities, and open source projects.

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Companies & Startups

Over the past decade, Naresh has created and nurtured a number of companies and startup platforms, including Xnsio consulting, Confengine for conference organisers, and Edventure Labs offering interactive educational apps for children.

Open Source

Naresh Jain is an open-source contributor who has worked on various projects such as Spematic, C3, and Karate. Spematic is a contract-driven development tool, while C3 is a comprehensive dashboard for gaining insights into codebase health. Karate is a unified framework that integrates API test automation, mocks, performance testing, and UI automation. Naresh has also contributed to other projects, including Presentation Stack, Panopticode, Protest, and Patang. To learn more, explore all the startups.

Events & Conferences

We’ve organized several successful conferences, including Agile India for software development professionals, the global Appium Conference for mobile automation testing, the Open Data Science Conference India for data scientists, and the popular Functional Conf for functional programming enthusiasts. Our events offer valuable insights, practical knowledge, and networking opportunities in dynamic and engaging environments.


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