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  • I used Naresh's services for Agile transformation at Aditi. Naresh possess a great combination of process and technical strength which I couldn't find in the various profiles/consultants that we had evaluated for this exercise.

    His ability to work with all disciplines (dev, test, analysts, project managers) to guide them and give valuable inputs is commendable. We have got great success with the workshops that he did at Aditi.

  • I've worked with Naresh on more than one occasion & across multiple companies. His deep insight into software development discipline, expert level knowledge on Object Oriented languages and excellent communication skills makes him a right candidate for IT coaching. His TDD workshop is well known & is highly popular among the development community across the companies. His ability to combine his industry experience with thought provoking coaching approach and his commitment to improve the way products are developed makes him one of the most sought after Agile coach in the industry.

  • It was my pleasure to work with Naresh on various projects at ThoughtWorks. Naresh is the model for an Agile coach:An excellent blend of idealism and practicality, enthusiasm and empathy, technologist and teacher.

    People who work with him instantly connect with Naresh. He quickly gains their trust and respect,enabling him to effect greater change.I've seen few people able to have such an impact on development organizations.

  • "Inversion of Software Development", that's what Naresh gave me through his 5-days workshop at Amazon. He is one of the best mentors I encountered in my career. The way he tries to explain TDD and Design principles with practical approaches, always challenging the concepts which we used to think were industry standards. Learning through his workshop, now coding is like blogging, drop dead simple, and you don't look back. I hope we had more dojos like Naresh mentoring people in Indian Software Industries to let them know what real clean software development is all about. To sum up he instilled the idea - "Perfection isn't the goal, it's the baseline." about software development in me.

  • Naresh is arguably the ONLY agile evangelist and coach who is also a coder and tester (at least I think so - I haven't met any one else with similar credentials). A hands-on techie, Naresh can expose the fundamental problems in your organizations and is always willing to engage with your development teams at an execution level.

    A world-class consultant (without the packaging of consulting types), Naresh is a no nonsense agile coach. Strongly recommended for Agile/XP, TDD, Refactoring, OOAP and Design Patterns training.

  • Naresh is ridiculously smart, humble and charismatic. Working with him at Directi, reading his blog and hearing him speak at numerous conference has had a profound impact on the way I think about software development. He combines vast technical experience,humor, patience and passion to bring out the best in individuals in teams.

    While most people would have difficulty providing guidance to a variety of different teams and personalities, Naresh thrives at it. He's really, really good at facilitating "Aha!" moments & questioning underlying assumptions. In short, Naresh is awesome & you want him on your team.

  • Naresh is an expert on Agile methodology and is a great coach/trainer for any organization/team looking to move into using Agile. We found great benefit in working with Naresh.

  • It's been 3 weeks since I had the opportunity to attend a 3-Day TDD workshop followed by a 3-Day Design Patterns workshop by Naresh Jain. Post the workshops; I was able to fully test drive a feature that is already in production.

    I had many take-away from his workshops, but the most important ones were - 1. It gave me the confidence that with TDD you can come up with good designs, 2. Learnt refactoring techniques and IDE tricks, 3. Got a deeper understanding of design values, principles and patterns. 4. Identifying code smells (the codes that I was proud of, now all I see there is code smells :P). But thanks to Naresh I know how to make it right.

  • Naresh and I have worked together at Siemens Medical. If you have not paired with him you are missing out on a great experience. Several nights after work, I have paired with him for hours to refactor our legacy code. I have learned a great deal of TDD and refactoring in those sessions.

    Naresh is a good coach, as well as a good friend. Naresh is all about execution and getting things done. I would strongly recommend Naresh as an Agile Coach

  • Recently I attended Naresh's workshop on Test Driven Development (TDD) at Amazon, Hyderabad. It was a great learning experience and an eye-opener in few cases. He is very involved with the Agile community and has worked with a lot of industry experts. That's the best part of getting trained by him. He is up-to-date with the latest trends and his skills are very relevant.

    Naresh's in-depth knowledge and great attitude, fueled by his passion for technology makes him a great techie to work with. I had a great experience and would highly recommend him for training/coaching.

  • Naresh is a smart developer and a very nice guy. We worked together at ThoughtWorks and shared a session at Agile 2006. He is responsible, focused and very sharp. It was a great experience working with him.

  • Naresh clearly has extensive experience with the Product Discovery Workshop. He conveys the principles and practices underlying the process very well, with examples from past experience and application to the actual project addressed in the workshop.

    Naresh's ability to quickly relate to the project and team members, and to focus on the specific details for the decomposition of this project at the various levels (goals/roles, activities, tasks), is remarkable and a good example for those learning to facilitate the workshop.

  • I recently met Naresh Jain during Test Driven Development(TDD) training at my current organisation. He is very knowledgeable and also very effective as a trainer. His enthusiasm and confidence is a game-changer when it comes to motivating the workshop participants.

    I've really benefited from his training and by applying TDD in my day-to-day work . It was a great experience and I wish, I could get a chance to work with him on a real project.

  • Naresh was a terrific partner while organizing AgileCoachCamp 2008. He is unstoppable, and was really effective in handling our sponsors and sponsorships for the event. He was easy to work with, fun to debate with, and we did some really creative collaboration together, despite the miles between us.

    In addition to creating a much-appreciated event for the community with Naresh, I gained a valuable colleague and friend. If you require an injection of creativity, energy and "can-do",
    hire Naresh and stand back!

  • The TDD & Refactoring workshop was very helpful for our team. The hands on nature of the course was the key differentiator, compared to other programs we've explored. I'd definitely recommend this program for new teams who would want to get on-board with TDD/Refactoring quickly.

  • It was great having Naresh Jain on-site. He had a magic that brought enthusiasm and the spirit to change, within the developers. This has worked wonders to the over-all development process here. I am seriously impressed!

  • Rarely have I met a trainer who was truly hands-on. The depth of knowledge and on-field experience of Naresh Jain is truly inspiring. His proficiency in agile techniques and TDD is bleeding edge.

    We have benefited immensely in barely three days of TDD training with him. We wish he was on our team here in EMC2.

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