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Leveraging a wealth of experience, keen insights and an ability to see the big picture with great clarity, Naresh transforms organisations in an ever-changing technology landscape.

My Clients

Expert Training & Hands-on Coaching on Product Engineering

We offer a variety of training courses which are tailored to suit your development team. Our courses are anything but “by-the-book” rehashes of readily available scripts…


A firm believer is supporting communities, Naresh Jain started the following User Groups and communities

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Open Source Projects

Naresh Jain has contributed to the following Open Source Projects


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Abacus Rush

Abacus Ignite


Companies & Startups

Over the past decade, Naresh has created and nurtured a number of businesses and startup platforms, including Xnsio consulting, Confengine for conference organisers, and Edventure Labs offering educational apps for children.


Let’s work together

Let’s work together